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3 Mar 1999
Sir, as an ex-submarine man of WWII, I comment you and your staff in bringing out the light that War is hell no matter what side you were on. Now fifty years later I think of our youth, and what we did. If these stories can make people live right and never have wars again, would be beautiful. I am proud of what you have done on the computer Web Site, to bring out your stories of hell as we did ours. This the second time I've learned of your life, which the first was the picture, "DAS BOAT", made me think a lot. Keep up the good work, for every event has two sides.

"Gudmundur Helgason's U-boat Web pages are more than jolly good, they are excellent. He does not fall into the common trap of reproducing information which is definitely known to be wrong.

Much of the information is interesting and accurate. What is more, there is a lot of information which one is NOT likely to find in books. In fact some of his information is quite unique and I do NOT know where else one could find it. (Unless, of course, one goes back to original sources or to the U-boat Archive.)

Obviously any collection of information of such vast magnitude is going to attract mistakes, but the interesting point about Gudmundur Helgason's pages is that he has taken the trouble to check much of the information. The usual fairy tales which have been made up after the war and perpetuated by a number of disgusting authors and groups are missing from Gudmundur's pages.

The information is refreshingly good, interesting, useful and goes to considerable depths. I have enjoyed browsing the pages and recommend them to anyone."

Jak P. Mallmann Showell
 author of U-boats under the Swastika and

7 Sep 1997
As a ex British submariner I found this web site wonderful to read and navigate, I only wish there was something about British boats on the net. Thanks to all who made this great site.
  Colin Mears

17 Dec 1998
I have always enjoyed Naval history the most, for reading material. Your pages provide one with almost more than can be digested. I have enjoyed the visit immensely.
  Jeffery Robertson

8 Jul 1997
I commend you on a MOST INTERESTING web site as a complete history source for those interested in the subject of U-boats. Congratulations on your dedicated effort.
  Fred Chapman

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