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29 Apr 1999
Simply the best I have ever seen.

12 Jun 2000
When historians consider the bravest of the brave, I hope they will have access to your magnificent site. You do these brave men great honour in what you do and I feel sure that their spirits rest more peacefully for it.
Thank you
  Brad Golding

5 Jun 2000
I visited your site today for the first time. I am very impressed the educational value of the site and how much information is presented. I have forwarded the address to some friends who are interested in war history. As an amateur U-boat enthusiast and I am glad this site is here for me.

Please continue your good work.
  Glen Davis

5 Sep 2000
I must say congratulations on what I found to be an absolutely fantastic reference on U-boats, I'm interested in shipwrecks, WWII, Naval history and the like, and a site such as this is an incredible find for me. I've never thought too much about subs before reading through your site (been reading for 2 1/2 hours so far), I've just online ordered several U-boat models because of the fasination all this reading has caused (a Type XXI and a VIIC). Keep up the great work, your site has pride of place in my bookmarks.
  Edwin Beer

26 Aug 2002
It's an outstanding job you did! Congratulations!.
  Irmgard Patterson

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