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31 Jul 1999
Hello, I would like to say first that I have thoroughly enjoyed this site, as my time and skills improve, I will be able to read it all.
  Bill Thomson

20 Jul 2000
My interests where initially raised after seeing the film "Das Boot". I was intriged and wanted to know more about the U Boat war experience and especially about the men who served on them and their daily routines. And I'm convinced this is the site which will answer all my questions. Many congratulations on your site and the overwhelming amount of information. Keep up the good work...
  Frank Steinbuch

29 Apr 2000
I've been visiting your fantastic pages about U-boat warfare for nearly one year. What a great database! Thank you very much for providing us valuable and collective information that we cannot find it somewhere else.

Keep it up the great works.

5 Jun 2000
I visited your site today for the first time. I am very impressed the educational value of the site and how much information is presented. I have forwarded the address to some friends who are interested in war history. As an amateur U-boat enthusiast and I am glad this site is here for me.

Please continue your good work.
  Glen Davis

21 Oct 1999
I would just I am very pleased with the quality of your work, I´ve been interested for the WWII for several years on a small scala, but it is seldom that you see the quality of work and commitment as you have shown. Keep up the good work.
  Martin Rasmussen

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