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28 Jul 2000
Just wanted to let you know that I found your site to be very interesting and well done. Keep up the good work.
  Christian Kretschmer

10 Nov 1997
I would just like to tell you how impressed I was with your U-Boat site. The bravery and professionalism of the U-Boat men have been a source of inspiration for many naval professionals, and particularly submariners around the world - I certainly count myself among those who have been so inspired. The meticulous and comprehensive detail which you have amassed in your site is of great interest to naval historians and interested observers alike. Keep up the good work!

26 May 1999
Congratulations for this fantastic web page. I´d never seen anything like this before. It´s well-done and exciting. As a militaria´s collector, I was very surprised (and satisfied) with the Decorations Section. Besides, as a Brazilian, I was quite surprised when I saw that you didn´t forget that our coast was the place where some U-boats came to do their patrols. It was their activity that pushed my country to the War in 1942.
Keep up with this wonderful web site!
  Douglas de Souza Aguiar Jr.

1 Jun 2000
I just wanted to tell you what an awesome job you're doing. I check out the site all the time and I'm still finding ot all kinds of things I had never known. Keep up the excellent work.
  Shane Maloney

28 Jul 1997
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gudmundur and his crew for allowing us to share in his wealth of information, regarding the history of the U-Boat. This site is not only informative, but easy to read and understand. The pictures and maps are truly of a professional quality, and no magazine can match this site. Gudmundur and his crew are dedicated to presenting the public true and accurate information, and I would highly recommend his site to all who are interested in the history of the U-Boat. A gold star for Gudmundur and his crew.
  Patty Krise

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